Registration in the team-center, please with first and last name

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Registration in the team-center, please with first and last name

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Hello dear team partner,

I invite you to register in this team-center.

That's how it's done: Click on the button "Registrieren"
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Switch to your Language
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Accept the terms of use

Take as "user name" your first name and surname, please also capitalize, so you in our team "personality" show!
For example "Albert Einstein".

and complete all datas.

The activation is usually within 24 hours, but may take up to 7 days in borderline cases. You will receive an e-mail if you have been activated by the admin team and you can now Login:

Prerequisite for the registration:
- You are a team partner at PM in our PM Focus 6 team
- You have a 100 points subscription (eg the Optimalset)

You are not yet a team partner or customer in our team? - Fancy a career with us?

We want to continue growing. Search the internet or social media for one of our partners under "PM Focus 6 Team" and get in touch with him for a consultation!